Date : Jan. 6, 2015

What is evil?
Beheading a man?
Or murder in plain sight?
Or elaborating plans of how one will kill?
Or raping the helpless?
But is it evil or is (barbaric) honesty?

Have you seen evil?
How it comes with sweetest of words,
Riding on bundles of trust,
But with trust comes the greatest of powers,
The absolute power of betrayal.

For true evil to survive,
For it to be alive,
Needed is fodder of trust,
That only you can provide.

Open your mind,
And see through the light,
Is it warm yet?

Cut the noise betraying,
Find your own self amid.

Then, See.

Posted by Abhilash Nanda at 4:07 a.m.

Date : Dec. 10, 2014

Dark Light
When the day is night
And the dark is bright,
Close your eyes,
Befriend the gloomy light.

Which color is dark?
Does darkness even have a color?
Then what about the souls dying,
In open day light?

Every shape has a corner,
Sometimes at the center,
But depends on what a corner means to you,
A place where edges meet,
Or one where one gets the shelter of light.

No darkness can erase the color imbibed,
It must live for the life of light,
So change your eyes,
To see a world where darkness is light.

Posted by Abhilash Nanda at 1:48 a.m.

Date : Oct. 28, 2014

Some Place Else
Some place else, it was a rain of water,
Some place else, it was scent of the wet mud,
Some place else, there were heart warming courage,
Some place else, all some place else.

I will repeat words, again and again,
So they pierce into the clogged minds,
Of soulless human, who talks with civility,
And crushes man like insects, with war.

This world of mine, where sun is shy,
To cut through the gloom of that Man's eye,
And reach to me the insect, of pitiable life,
But still a life to be lived.

My words may crumble under the burning souls,
But I will speak, my insect language,
And I promise we will crawl from between the rubbles,
Of blood and gore, and destroy this place,
Along with that Man, who talks with civility,
And wages war.

Posted by Abhilash Nanda at 2:57 p.m.

Date : Sept. 22, 2014

Long Walk
And when the dust settled,
He saw past the road,
There stood a lean figure of disappointment,
One of defeats and woes.

Their eyes met and hearts collided,
Where a sense of dismay resided,
And when tears unfurled,
A numb pair of legs guided.

An embrace of surety,
Is what a heart needs,
Not the past not the future,
But for a happy present it heeds.

And so she was hugged in arms with fervor,
One with the peace and calm she revere,
She had now found her other half,
All what was left was only a long walk.

Posted by Abhilash Nanda at 8:40 a.m.

Date : Sept. 21, 2014

The Walker
And hence I walked,
Following the path,
Layed down by the wind,
Of a unforgettable harrowing past.

Each step a hell,
Like glasses piercing skin,
Reminding the fights between,
A selfish man and a selfless queen.

Long days and long nights,
Hardly make a difference,
For a body wet in rain,
Of patience and of pain.

An endless path also ends,
When the walker decides to stop,
But a betrayed heart, less of a walker,
More of a pursuer, with limitless pain,
Only reaches the end,
Of its own.

Posted by Abhilash Nanda at 8:37 a.m.